Custom-made Lamps

Kunst en Licht en Glas design custom lighting. With extensive knowledge and experience, we design and produce lamps using diverse materials. Fittings and glass are mostly manufactured by hand in our workshop.

We like to work directly with clients, so we can meet your specific needs, and create a unique design. Preliminary designs are made without obligation.

You are welcome to drop by our showroom, to view different models and lighting possibilities.



or call:
Showroom: +31 (0)30 2201266
Mob +31 (0)6 40222416


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Kunst en Licht en Glas combines art and modern design with years of experience and craftsmanship. For us, no request is too crazy and no project is too large or too small. We always like a challenge! First and foremost, we want to know what you want, so we can work together to achieve the desired result. Please call us or drop into our showroom in De Bilt at any time to discuss your project.


Dorpsstraat 59
3732 HH De Bilt

Tel.: +31 (0)30 2201266
Mob.: +31 (0)6 40222416
Mob: +31 (0)6 26484574

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