Glass fusing philosophy

Glass sparkles, absorbs light and radiates light. Glass reflects, is transparent or matt. I am fascinated with glass because it is a living material, which flows. When do you decide to stop the flow of glass? Which forms and structures do you keep?

My glasswork can be categorized into two groups; functional and aesthetic. I create functional glasswork for Kunst en Licht light objects. These make impressive art installations. I also create bowls, window panels, pictures in glass and tiles ( look at 'verhalend glas').

It's fascinating achieving maximum visual effect in a minimal way. The process involves looking for the right combination of lines, surfaces, colors and textures.

In my aesthetic work, I look for the communication and tension between the material and the form. The effect can enhance or alienate. Interesting outcomes are achieved when combining glass with materials such as such as wool, steel wool, wood and iron. What happens when you put soft on hard, and hard on hard, and how is the reflection influenced? I consider my art to be "visual poetry". Look, let it come, try, look again, put it down, let it be, wait, take action, and then suddenly it's ready…


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