Glacier collection

The thick mottled glass pieces used in the Glacier collection are reminiscent of ice.

Glass pieces are fused in a special glass oven, and then water blasted for effect. Dimmable 1 Watt Power LED lights shine through the glass, creating the effect of light bubbles. The effect is magical.

These lamps are very versatile, and can be fitted to a wall or ceiling, and in both interior and exterior spaces.

The LED technology used in this collection makes these lamps both durable and sustainable.

Wall lamps

Glacier Wall lamps

Glacier Briq verticaal

€ 540,-

Glacier rond groot

€ 1.015,-

Glacier aanrecht

prijs op aanvraag

Glacier rechthoek

€ 1.015,-

Cieling lamps

Glacier cieling lamps.

rond plafond (glacier)

€ 1.015,-

rechthoekig plafond (glacier)

€ 1.015,-

vierkant plafond (glacier)

€ 1.115,-

Hanging lamps

Glacier hanging lamps.

hanglamp glacier

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